Terms of service

Last updated: March 8th, 2021

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1. If no error is found on the product, there will be a troubleshooting fee of NOK 500,- for Macs and displays, NOK 300,- for iOS-units and original Apple accessories, or NOK 500,- or standard fees from external workshop handling products from other manufacturers.

2. If the error or malfunction is not covered by manufacturer warranty and/or Norwegian Consumer Purchases Act, if no error is found, or it is not possible to repair the product for other reasons, e.g. spare parts are no longer available, there will be a troubleshooting fee of NOK 900,- for Macs and displays, NOK 500,- for iOS-units and original Apple accessories, or NOK 500,- or standard fees from external workshop handling products from other manufacturers. Defects not covered by these can be (but are not limited to) physical damage caused by accident, abuse or misuse, liquid damage, power surge damage or errors/malfunctions caused by software where the error/malfunction can be solved by reinstalling the software or restoring the unit to its factory settings.

3. In relation to a service of your Apple product, our technicians will often need access to your product which requires a screen lock code or password. If this is necessary to perform a repair or other services, Eplehuset will change the code/password together with you, to ensure your codes and passwords remain personal. After the service is completed, Eplehuset will assist you to change it back to your desired code/password. If you’d rather prefer all data being erased prior to the service, Eplehuset can also assist you with this.

4. Eplehuset is not liable for loss of data or losses related to loss of data, and recommend a full backup is made before the product is sent or delivered to Eplehuset for service. For iOS units, all data will normally be erased during the service.

5. iOS units and Apple Watch may be swapped for a remanufactured unit instead of being repaired. A remanufactured unit order cannot be canceled. A remanufactured unit is a new iOS unit of the same model and may contain up to 5 components that have been used previously. These parts are the earpiece speaker, facetime camera, main camera, vibration unit and logic board. All other parts will be new, including the battery. Parts that are reused are fully remanufactured at the Apple factory and are subject to strict quality control. Thus, remanufactured units will always be similar to a new retail unit, but without the accessories in the box. The remanufactured unit will have full battery capacity, as when your unit was new.

6. Unauthorized repairs or modifications on the product may lead to extra expenses which in full will be charged the customer unless other arrangements have been made in writing prior to the repair. Customers are obligated to provide information about such repairs or modifications when requesting service on their products. Eplehuset is not responsible for issues after such repairs as long as the issue can trace back to the unauthorized repair.

7. The repair of a damaged iPhone does not necessarily restore the IP grade to the way it was at purchase.

8. Eplehuset is not responsible for any damage that occurs during troubleshooting or repair provided these damages can be related to existing damage to the product.

9. If the optional backup service is ordered, your data will be stored at Eplehusets backup server for a minimum of 5 days after the service is completed, as a precaution in case there is a problem with the restored data on your device. All data are deleted no later than 10 days after completing the service, and after this it is not possible to restore the data from Eplehusets servers. Backup does not include licensed software, other software that is not part of the operating system or files outside of the user folder. This includes, but is not limited to, software like Microsoft Office, Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro etc. This software will have to be reinstalled by the consumer.

10. If a product is retrieved by the customer while awaiting parts, the product must be returned the same or next business day from when notice of part arrival has been given. Any cost associated with a delayed product return my incur costs that are covered by the customer.

11. For all repairs on Apple products, all defective parts and products will be the property of Apple Inc. If a customer wants to keep parts, this must be noted in writing prior to the repair, and all part expenses must be covered by the customer.

12. For business customers, a 3-month warranty on spare parts is provided. Consumers are given the same warranty, in addition to rights given in the Craftsman Services Act (Håndverkertjenesteloven).

13. Products not picked up by a customer after completed service will be sold or destructed after 3 months, in compliance with the ”Lov om rett for handverkarar o.a. til å selje ting som ikkje vert henta” Act of May 29th 1953.

14. All contact information used in the service registration process is necessary for the part ordering system from Apple. Your email address is provided to Apple for them to use in sending out questionnaire about customer satisfaction following the completed service. This information will be treated in accordance with Apple’s privacy regulations (www.apple.com/privacy), and will never be used for marketing. By submitting your email address, you agree to this being given to Apple for this purpose. All personal data are handled according to GDPR and Eplehusets privacy statement, which you can read here: https://eplehuset.no/personvern